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Glass embodies and facilitates change like no other art-making material. And the need to change our world—and remake our work, our communities, ourselves—has never been more urgent. In this spirit, Bullseye Glass hosted TRANSFORMATIONS, our 2017 international kiln-glass conference. The conference hosted makers from around the world for a face-to-face exploration of the technical, aesthetic, educational, and business developments spurring the evolution of kilnformed glass.

View a gallery of images from BECon 2017: TRANSFORMATIONS

Watch "Resurrection: The Transformation from Tradition with Tim Carey and Ted Sawyer" 

Watch "The Portland Vase: Re-Thinking Roman Cameo Glass, Presented by Richard Whitely live at BECon" 


June 22-24, 2017


Portland State University, Bullseye Projects, and the Bullseye Glass factory

Keynote speaker

Judy Tuwaletstiwa—Author, painter, glassmaker

“As an artist, I give images form, making breath visible. While painting, writing, and working with glass, I pay attention to the possibly transformative gift of an image.”
-Judy Tuwaletstiwa


  • Sam Andreakos, Bulleye Glass
  • John Browning, Bridgewater Group
  • Tim Carey, Judson Studios
  • Daniel Clayman, Daniel Clayman Studio
  • Dr. Jane Cook, Corning Museum of Glass
  • Brian Creany, MADE Studio 
  • Michael Endo, Bullseye Projects
  • Dawndae Hamilton, Bullseye Studio
  • Susan Harlan
  • Paul Housberg
  • Jessica Jackson Hutchins
  • Nadania Idriss, Berlin Glas e.V.
  • Tom Jacobs, Bullseye Studio
  • Niela Kalra, Nielanell
  • Delaney Kelly, MADE Studio
  • Dorothy Lenehan
  • Morgan Van Madison, Morgan Madison Studio
  • Lani McGregor, Bullseye Projects
  • Laura O'Quin, Bullseye Projects
  • Tim Rys, Bullseye Glass
  • Ted Sawyer, Bullseye Glass
  • Heidi Schwegler
  • Daniel Schwoerer, Bullseye Glass
  • Jeffrey Stenbom
  • Dr. Karlyn Sutherland
  • Richard Whiteley, Australian National University


  • Design & technical topics
  • International survey of recent work
  • Professional practices / Case studies
  • Gallery exhibitions and private reception
  • Closing dinner and festivities
  • Pre and post-conference workshops

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BECon 2017

About BECon

Every two years, aspiring and accomplished kiln-glass professionals from around the globe gather in Portland to network, compare notes and expand their horizons. This gathering is known as BECon (the Bullseye Conference).

Bullseye has sponsored BECon since 2003, and today it’s the world's foremost kiln-glass conference. Each BECon explores a special topic through lectures, panel discussions and demonstrations led by noted artists, architects and other experts and leaders in kilnformed glass. In concert with each conference, Bullseye Projects hosts a related exhibition and Bullseye's Klaus Moje Research & Education Department hosts pre- and post-conference workshops. Other BECon traditions include the gala opening reception at Bullseye Projects, and the closing-night tour of the Bullseye Factory and a festive Lehr-B-Q celebration.

If you’re an intermediate-to-advanced or professional practitioner or even a serious student, consider BECon! It offers opportunities to be found nowhere else in the glass world.

Images from past BECons