Fusing Basics


Many kilnforming methods are based on the idea of glass fusing, which is the heat bonding of separate pieces of glass. Learning the basic concepts of glass fusing is a great entry point into the world of art glass and kilnforming. In this lesson you will learn how to fuse layers of glass on a kiln shelf while also exploring glass as a unique art-making material. Once you have this foundational understanding, you are ready to begin exploring related concepts and techniques.

More Information

Fusing Basics Additional Information PDF
Includes a list of tools, products, and firing schedules used in this lesson.

Helpful Resources

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Featured Products

Paragon GL24 Kiln (8813)
French Vanilla Opalescent Sheet Glass (000137-0030)
Light Turquoise Blue (001416-0030)
Light Plum (001405-0030)
Tekta Clear (001100-0680)


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