Classes by Date
Classes by Date

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February5-8Painting with Glass
7Crash Course in Glass Cutting
10First Glass Fusing Class
12-15Vitrigraph Murrine and Drop-Out Vessels, with Nathan Sandberg
18-22Kilnformed Murrine Boxes, with Nathan Sandberg
24Hip to be Square: Graphic Coasters
26-28Design for Drop-Out Vessels
27-29Powder Printing
March4-7Working in Shallow Space: Bas-Relief Kiln-Glass, with Richard Parrish
5-6Special Effects in Kiln-Glass
9Kilncarved Plates
11-14Tapestry, with Richard Parrish
12-13Beginning Beadmaking
16First Glass Fusing Class
18-21Kilnformed Pattern Bars
30Basic Pâte de Verre Bowl

Santa Fe

February6Basic Pâte de Verre Bowl
18-21Harnessing Flow
27First Glass Fusing Class
March4-5Coldworking Basics
12Basic Pâte de Verre Bowl
19-20Iridescent Effects
26Hip to be Square: Graphic Coasters
May3-7Explore Santa Fe: The Glass Vestige, with Joanna Manousis
June14-18Explore Santa Fe, The Edges of Something, a Nuanced View, with Catharine Newell
October11-15Explore Santa Fe: Luminous Depth, with Miriam Di Fiore

Bay Area

February4-7Fear No Color, with Richard Parrish
11Hip to be Square: Graphic Coasters
12Crash Course in Glass Cutting
13-14Coldworking Basics
16First Glass Fusing Class
18Basic Pâte de Verre Bowl
20-21Iridescent Effects
24-28Realism to Abstraction: Breaking Down and Zooming In, with Kari Minnick
March2First Glass Fusing Class
4-6Introduction to Pâte de Verre
5The Necklace Project
11-13Powder Printing
16Crash Course in Glass Cutting
18-21Kilncast Boxes: Exploring Duality Inside and Out, with Mark Abildgaard
23Kilncarved Plates
26Open Plate

New York

February6First Glass Fusing Class
10The Necklace Project
12Crash Course in Glass Cutting
19-21Powder Printing
24First Glass Fusing Class
26-27Special Effects in Kiln-Glass
March2Basic Pâte de Verre Bowl
5-8Bullseye Box Casting
12Hip to be Square: Graphic Coasters
16-20Blending Colors in Tall Vessel Forms, with Amanda Simmons