The Art of Kiln-Glass | Methods & Ideas

The Art of Kiln-Glass

Glass art comes in many shapes and sizes. From the simple and practical, to the abstract, colorful and amazing. Glass artists around the world are working to harness the potential of this dynamic and exciting art-making material.

Bullseye Glass manufactures a type of art glass called “kiln-glass”. As its name suggests, this type of glass is formed and shaped at very high temperatures in a glass kiln.

There is an enormous range of working methods and forms that can be created with kiln-glass, including simple slumped bowls and platters, cast sculptures, painterly panels, and architectural installations.

In this free lesson from Bullseye Videos, The Art of Kiln-Glass, we show you a variety of finished art pieces from contemporary artists working in kiln-glass.

Are you interested in learning more about the techniques and principles behind making kiln-glass art? Consider taking a class at a Bullseye Resource Center, or subscribing to Bullseye Kiln-Glass Education Online.

More Information

The Art of Kiln-glass Artist Credits PDF
Includes a list of artist credits for work shown in this lesson.

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