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Bullseye Billets/Pantone Transparent Color Selector Table

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Bullseye Billets/Pantone Transparent Color Selector Table

Postby marykaynitchie » Mon Jun 27, 2011 11:14 am

Hi all,

I just did some homework for a customer who needed to know the equivalent Pantone Transparent Color Selector number that approximately matches a single thickness of a Bullseye Billet. (This table will be of little use to people who are using billets in any other thicknesses, by the way.)

So I thought I would share it in case it is helpful to anyone else.

Comparing Bullseye Billets to Pantone Transparent Color Selector

Bullseye Description /19mm thickness glass approximates Pantone Transparent Selector Tile:

001806-0065 Juniper Blue Tint / T275-3-4
001807-0065 Grass Green Tint / T305-2-3
001808-0065 Aqua Blue Tint / T255-2-3
001818-0065 Indigo Tint could not find good match
001819-0065 Brown Topaz Tint / T805-6-3
001820-0065 Pale Yellow Tint / T015-2-3
001821-0065 Erbium Pink Tint / T095-1-5
001823-0065 Burnt Scarlet Striker Tint / could not find good match
001824-0065 Ruby Red Striker Tint / could not find good match
001826-0065 Green Tea Tint / T005-3-2
001827-0065 Light Amber Tint / T105-2-2
001829-0065 Gray Tint / T705-1-3
001831-0065 Ruby Pink Striker Tint / could not find good match
001834-0065 Coral Orange Tint / T075-2-3
001837-0065 Medium Amber Tint / T105-2-1
001838-0065 Dark Amber Tint / T025-2-1
001841-0065 Spruce Green Tint / T295-3-2
001842-0065 Lt. Neo-lavender Shift Tint / T185-1-3
001844-0065 Lavender Green Shift Tint / T205-2-3
001858-0065 Light Rhubarb Shift Tint / T805-4-3
001859-0065 Rhubarb Shift Tint / T825-3-1
001864-0065 Gray Blue Tint / T225-3-4
001867-0065 Olive Smoke Tint / T005-3-1
001877-0065 Olivine Tint / T315-3-3
001920-0065 Lemon Tint / T015-2-4
001932-0065 Fuchsia Tint / T145-2-4
001934-0065 Copper Tint / T075-3-4
001948-0065 Purple Blue Tint / T185-1-4
001964-0065 Lavender Gray Tint / T145-3-4
001977-0065 Pine Green Tint / T315-3-4

The 19mm thickness of these billets approximately matches the 2mm thickness of
these Pantone Transparent Selector tiles. Matches were made by comparing a billet sample to the Pantone tile, removed from the Pantone Selector page, and viewed against overcast daylight, coming through a skylight. NOTE: Hue and value can both change dramatically if billet is used in thicker or thinner sections than 19mm. Referring to actual samples is recommended.

Mary Kay
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