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Building Wax models for Casting

For discussion of processes related to using Bullseye glass, including kilnforming and kilncasting, torchwork, blowing and stained glass.

Re: Building Wax models for Casting

Postby Twin Vision Glass » Thu Sep 23, 2010 6:25 pm

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I have chosen these photos for discussion as there are many techniques in achieving the top wax ,(just as jerredavidson was describing )being multiple hollow forms and shapes in wax all attached with a welder, (held in place with tooth-pics that fall out when wax is steamed out .) I have many smaller molds to make multiples of tooo, in various different poly-urethane molds or plaster or silicone , or just about anything I can find to make a good mold for pouring wax that will last a life time.
The lower wax (with my sister !) has a wicker basket we have covered with wax and made an inside to the vessel,(this we covered with Mold Mix 6 and burned out the basket to get our glass mold) ; and then a large open face cast piece with leaves that were taken right from the Phylly plant , then a plaster mold made of it, and we can make many waxs from the plaster mold to then take more leaves and design new pieces with multiples of the wax design. Then cover with glass mold material of your choice; steam out wax ;and cast into a one of a kind sculptural piece in glass.
I hope other artists will share some photos of wax sculptures being created. Visual photos are worth a thousand words tooo for some of us. I love to create with wax, and hope others do toooo! :lol:
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