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5 firings later I need your opinions

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5 firings later I need your opinions

Postby joecabinet » Sat Jan 17, 2015 11:52 am

I would like some opinions on this piece. I fired this 5 times due to various reasons. I must be a knucklehead as I seem to learn more from my mistakes that I do from books.

1st fire: I used various colors of Bullseye compatible glass on top of a piece of white opal.
I had several pieces of dichroic turned black side up to see if I would like that. The dichroic I have used
(Vary sparingly) does not seem to melt completely . It seems very stubborn.

2nd fire: I turned the whole piece over to see what the dichroic would do if I re-fired it. This was a mistake as the white muted all the colors too much.

3rd fire: I turned the piece back over and re-fired, this time for some reason it looked okay but had patterns left on the surface by the ceramic blanket material that I fire on (Very thin material).

4th fire: I re-fired again to fire polish and get rid of that non glossy pattern left from the last firing.
However I am impatient by nature and so I fired too fast and cooled too fast. Alas it cracked up!
I had to clean up all the pieces.

5th fire: I placed the broken pieces on a piece of dark brown translucent. I left a gap between all the cracked pieces and then filled in with various frits and some different color strips. I raked at 1600F and then forced my self to be patient, boy that was tough.

Anyway to make a long story longer, I like the outcome, you can see the different layers.

Any thoughts?
6th firing e.JPG
5 firings later
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