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Upside down firing

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Upside down firing

Postby elagiav » Sun Jun 17, 2018 7:53 am

I’m fairly new at fusing and haven’t had more than basic fusing experience. I have fired a platter made from numerous strips of glass upside down, in order to keep them from moving on the sheet of clear beneath. Can I fire it at the same schedule when I turn it over, to get the top smooth, or should I fire it at a fire polish schedule? Thanks for any help! Vai Duers
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Re: Upside down firing

Postby meldawson » Mon Jun 18, 2018 9:39 pm

You would have to ensure that you remove all kiln wash / fibre paper residue from the bottom of the piece first. You may need to do some extensive cold work to remove all impurities before firing it again upside down, otherwise the top will not have a flawless smooth finish no matter how high you take the work temperature. You should be able to use the same firing cycle as previously (if your previous upside gave you the desired polished result), but I would suggest that you reduce your initial ramp rate (not sure what you used before) because the piece has been fired before. You can also sift an even layer of clear glass powder (about 1 to 2mm thick) over the top of the piece before firing it again as this will help to smooth out the top finish, but you will have to do a full fuse firing for this to work well.
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