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Casting molds dont seem to fill up

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Casting molds dont seem to fill up

Postby tt » Fri Sep 28, 2018 3:39 am

Hi. Im somewhat new to glass casting with molds using frit. I have had decent luck in the past but now using some molds that are smaller with more detail. In particular I am trying to cast a small 1.25" cross for jewelry. What Im finding is after I fill the mold and slightly heap the frit, when its done, its really small and not filled. The cross mold has square corners but when I take it out of the kiln, the corners are round and shrunken.

Im using slumpy's full fuse schedule https://www.slumpys.com/Company-Informa ... g-Schedule

Any tips appreciated!
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Re: Casting molds dont seem to fill up

Postby gg » Thu Nov 01, 2018 1:22 pm

Hi Bob,

Thanks for your question. Not being familiar with the molds you're using, it is tricky to answer, but we have had good results with similar small molds from Colour de Verre by casting fine or Medium Frit at 350 Degrees / Hour up to 1440 or so and hold for about 10 to 35 minutes. We then go down as fast as possible to anneal the glass for 1/2 hour at 900 degrees. You could also try to re-fire the cross with added frit on top, if you cannot fill the void.I hope this will help,


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