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Tack fusing Herringbone sheet

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Tack fusing Herringbone sheet

Postby jstahl956 » Wed Mar 13, 2019 1:42 pm

I have been commissioned to make a steel side table and they want the shelves on this table to be a textured glass. Here is what I am planning on doing and would like to get some feedback.

Have a half sheet of Clear Transparent, Herringbone, Rainbow Irid 1101-0025-F 3mm and am planning on cutting it on the long side so it fits on my 20" x 20" shelf. I will do the same to a half sheet of Tekta 1100-0380 3mm. I then want to tack fuse these together so I don't lose the herringbone ripples as they would go flat if I did a full fuse.

Tekta would be on the Kiln shelf with the Herringbone set on top of that with the ridges facing up.

Here is the schedule I am proposing to use.

600F 900F 15min
300F 1100F 0min
250F 1300F 30min
AFAP 900F 1Hr
100F 700F 0 min
AFAP 75F Off

I am thinking that the 1300F tack will slightly soften the ridges on the raised Herringbone glass. The 300F to 1100F with 0min will be my bubble soak for the 20" x 20" piece.

Not sure how the Irid will look after a tack fuse temp but am not concerned as much if the colors don't become as vibrant. They want the piece to have some transparency but are more concerned with having a textured surface.

Am tossing around the idea of moving the anneal phase to 2hrs as the Herringbone glass is labeled as 3mm but with the raised ridges, it is indeed thicker than that.

Any feedback would be appreciated.
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Re: Tack fusing Herringbone sheet

Postby gg » Thu Mar 14, 2019 8:44 am

I think you will have the best result around 1300 deg. You can use a slightly faster schedule though: here is a suggestion:
350F 1300F 20 min
AFAP 900F 1.5 Hr
150F 700F 1 min
AFAP 75F Off

The irid coating does not change color, it will just stay as you see it on the cold form.
I hope this helps, good luck with the table.

Re: Tack fusing Herringbone sheet

Postby jstahl956 » Thu Mar 14, 2019 8:59 am

Thanks for your input gg. Maybe I was being a little too conservative with the first segment. Appreciate the help.
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