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Warped Sheet Glass

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Warped Sheet Glass

Postby jtensminger » Sun Apr 28, 2019 4:12 am

Has anyone experienced warping with Aventurine Blue or other shades? I was making an on-edge plate, each cut was 3/8" width by 12" long. As I was stacking the pieces, I noticed that several pieces were bulging out. I did not want to redo with a different sheet of aventurine, so I just tightly dammed the sides inside the kiln. The result was kind of interesting -- more of a wavy affect because of the warping---but not what I was aiming for. Note: I make on-edge plates alot, and often with Aventurine Blue. Never had a problem so I think the production of the glass is at fault here.
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Re: Warped Sheet Glass

Postby martykremer » Mon Apr 29, 2019 8:17 am

I find this on lots of BE colors; I think it's an annealing issue that could be solved with more time in the lehr. I've sent BE samples of really egregious sheets but have not gotten anything usable back.
One remedy when you're using the stuff on edge is to sight down the strip, find the high spots and cut the strip at those spots -effectively flattening out the strip- and place the strip (now in smaller pieces) where you intended. If you keep the strip pieces in sequence you should not be able to notice the joint when you fuse it.
The other remedy is one you've already discovered.

I'd still like to hear from BE on this.....
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