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Postby abi_street » Sun Aug 18, 2019 8:32 am

Can anyone point me to a good resource on ‘sintering’?

Things I want the answers to include:

1) I understand a sintered bond is weaker than a tack fuse, but what are the practical implications of this? Apart from risking a fracture if knocked, is it also weaker and at risk of damage if there are temperature fluctuations/ over time?

2) Bullseye warns about compatibility shifting when lampworking component pieces and advises own testing, but what is considered a suitable/ sufficient test for sintered lampworked component pieces? I am currently testing finished pieces using Polaroid film. Whilst I usually have some transparent glass underneath lampworked component pieces to see the light through, this is not always the case. Some colours also glow no matter what, making it difficult to assess. I have not encountered any identifiable problems with this method as yet. I am making unique pieces, so testing after completion appears sensible to me, but I would appreciate any views as to the adequacy of the steps I am taking.
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