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Squeegeeing Color Line Enamel Paste

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Squeegeeing Color Line Enamel Paste

Postby david.f.jenkins » Tue Mar 24, 2020 5:57 pm

Am just starting out with screenprinting. Am creating vinyl stencils and will be screening paste through 230 mesh screen onto BE glass substrates.
Questions about screening:

1. Recommended squeegee durometer for this type of application?
2. What type squeegee blade: Flat? Round? V?
3. Blade material? Neoprene? Urethane?

I have been using a Speedball squeeegee that has a thinnish (1/8"?) neoprene blade that's slightly concave on one side, convex on the other. So far, it seems to work well, but wondering if there's something that might be better suited for this type of work.

What about screening these pastes onto the irid surfaces of glass - is doing that even worthwhile experimenting with?

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