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advice for tabletop lay-up and firing schedule

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advice for tabletop lay-up and firing schedule

Postby diana.owyang » Wed Jul 29, 2020 7:32 pm

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Tabletop – glass sits on top of frame (NOT recessed)
Description: 12” x 16”, 3-3mm layers for a total of 9mm of even thickness, 1-2mm stringer on top
Base layer: single piece of 3mm tetka
Middle layer: 3 mm amethyst 1228-0030, 3mm warm white 0920-0030
Cap: single piece of 3mm tetka
One 2mm stringer on top of the cap
Kiln: GL24 at Bullseye Emeryville - shelf primer - dams as close as possible with fiber paper cut to 6mm between the glass and dam.
Full Fuse Firing Schedule:
200°F 1225°F 1:00
450°F 1490°F :10
AFAP 900°F 2:00
100°F 800°F :00
180°F 700°F :00
600°F 70°F :00
1. Should the cut pieces be on the very bottom so that all the air squeezes out from the weight of the tetka? Or...the middle? I'd like the white pieces to completely fuse showing no lines.
2. If I cut all the layers to the same exact size, will the top round or do I need to cut the top piece 1/8 inch smaller?
3. Is the firing schedule slow enough?
4. Do you have any words of wisdom? I've tried to attach a photo of the cut pieces
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