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Postby jackiesdesk » Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:46 am

It became obvious to me a while ago that there are many glass artists who have no formal art training, and this is absolutely fine when fusing glass objects, but when trying to produce a glass PAINTING of, say, a landscape, this lack of training can mean that they struggle with design. It is ok for those who work in a freestyle, abstract or semi-abstract way, but there are those who want to have some help with preparation for a glass landscape -

where to begin,
how to improve the layout,
how to get a lovely sense of depth,
what is meant by "aerial perspective" and how to use it,
what pitfalls to look out for....and much more.

For those people, I have provided a help along the way with two tutorials ...one on COLOUR THEORY for the glass artist, which is totally free, it is on my website and can be downloaded; the other is a 22 page tutorial which provides loads of illustrated tips and hints to help improve your design skills for producing landscape images in glass. It is called CREATING DEPTH AND DYNAMIC DESIGN IN GLASS LANDSCAPES and costs just a few dollars. You can find it here: http://www.jackiesimmonds.com, on the tutorials page. Just so you know - I have written 7 art instruction books in my time, which have been sold world-wide. The teaching can be applied happily to fused glass, which is something I have been doing, alongside my paintings, for a few years now. Take a look at the website and if you enjoy the free colour theory tutorial, you might like the second one too.
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