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Help with lost wax casting

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Help with lost wax casting

Postby dawnquigley » Tue Mar 21, 2017 6:41 am

Hi there, I cast my daughter and her friends hands using the lost wax technique using Bullseye billets; 001964-0065 Lavender Gray and and 001842-0065 Neo-Lavender.

The alginate worked well and I was very happy with the wax casts. I created the mold with 50% plaster and 50% quartz. I fired using the Bullseye Tip sheet for basic Lost Wax Kilncasting:

100 (55) - 200 (93) 6hrs Initial heat remove water
100 (55) - 1250 (677) 2hrs Pre-rapid heat soak
600 (333) - 1525 (830) 3hrs Rapid heat
AFAP 1150 (596) 4hrs Rapid cool
50 (27) - 900 (482) 6hrs Anneal soak
12 (6) - 800 (427) :01 1st anneal cool
22 (12) - 700 (371) :01 2nd anneal cool
72 (40) - 70 (21) :01 Final cool

The Lavender was a complete disaster as I miscalculated the amount of glass I needed and ended up with a flower pot hand, burst bubbles in the hand a split mold and a very etched looking glass! Obviously I miscalculated the glass and the mold may have been unstable as it may have needed more time to dry out (I waited 3 weeks). I\'m not sure why I have such large bubbles and why it feels and looks etched. Can you help?

I have a Cromartie Kiln with a glass controller.

The second one was slightly overfilled but not a problem and the mold held but I still have large bubbles and again an etched look and rough feel, can you suggest why?
Can I reuse the glass or is there a way of salvaging either of these?
Many thanks
Lavender over-filled billet
IMG_4343.JPG (116.58 KiB) Viewed 15743 times
Lavender Gray Billet .
IMG_4342.JPG (115.2 KiB) Viewed 15743 times
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