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Glass technical question? Read this before posting.

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Glass technical question? Read this before posting.

Postby marykaynitchie » Mon Mar 24, 2014 9:40 am

Welcome to the Bullseye Forum. This is a great place to ask for advice if you are having trouble with a project made out of Bullseye glasses. Between Bullseye technicians, instructors and Forum members from around the world, the Forum can potentially be a valuable and helpful resource.

But, if you want helpful advice (instead of random speculation), always present the details below. Providing details from the beginning is a courtesy to Forum members offering you free advice, and also benefits you, because the resulting advice will be pertinent to your own project.

Even if some of these questions don’t seem important, your voluntary advisors need the details. This helps to rule out numerous variables, so that the actual issue and solution can be pinpointed accurately.

Help us help you. Feel free to cut and paste the questionnaire below when you need technical advice from Forum members.

Mary Kay

Project Information:

1) A description of the problem.

2) If possible, a digital image of the piece is and kiln is often helpful.

3) Style codes (i.e. 1101-30), production dates, and sheet numbers for all of the glasses in the project in question.

4) Design of the piece (dimensions, arrangement)

Kiln and firing info:

1) Description of the kiln (type, interior dimensions, controller, etc.). Describe location of elements.

2) Firing cycle for this project (including the annealing portion of the cycle)

Kiln Furniture and supplies

1) What kind of kiln shelf are you using?

2) What are you using for a shelf or mold separator? (Thinfire, fiber paper, shelf primer, etc.)

3) Where is it situated in the kiln during firings?

4) Describe any additional kiln furniture used (dams, molds) and the separators used.

Optional (but encouraged):

Do you have a hunch about what could be done differently to avoid the problem?

Thanks for reading this. We look forward to helping you.

Mary Kay
Mary Kay Nitchie
Bullseye Glass Co.

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