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Help with a kiln carving firing schedule

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Help with a kiln carving firing schedule

Postby Katie » Wed Oct 10, 2012 6:47 pm

I am going to fire my first kiln-carved piece. I prefired 2 layers of Bullseye 1/8" glass together (14" diameter circle). I cut out a few leaf designs from 1/8" thick piece of fiber paper and have layed them down (they are 1/8" thick only, not layered on top of each other) on another base layer of 1/8" fiber paper. I fired the paper in the kiln to 1290 degrees to burn out the binder. I am now ready to fire my glass on top of the fiber paper with the irid side down. Even though I have read the Kiln Carving Tip Sheet, I am still unsure as to what is the right firing and annealing schedule. I plan fire it again a second time to slump the piece into a bowl mold, not a deep one. I would like to get good definition of the design elements, and a smooth top surface, but am unclear as to what the top temp and hold should be. I am thinking:
250 degrees/hr to 900 - hold 15
300 degrees/hr to 1100 - hold 30
100 degrees/hr to 1220 - hold 30
600 degrees/hr to 1520 - hold 20
AFAP to 900 - hold 2 hours
50 degrees/hr to 700 - off

Any thoughts. I only have one shot at this.
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