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French Vanilla Opalescent 000137

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French Vanilla Opalescent Sheet Glass

french vanilla opalescent kiln glass 000137-0030-x-xxxx



May React With

Copper, Lead, Silver

Cold Characteristics

Consistent color.

Working Notes

A sulfur glass. May react with gold-bearing lead (001311, 001215, 000301, 000305) and copper (001116, 001408, 001417, 000144, 000145, 000146) glasses to create dark interface (lead sulfide, copper sulfide). See our chart "Reactive Potential of Bullseye Glasses" for more information.

Very viscous; will flow later and less than other glasses. Generally more sensitive to heat-history and more likely to show variation in color after fusing than many opals. When fired on edge, a clear distinction between outside and interior surfaces is commonly seen (a variation used by designers). This glass may become increasingly white with repeated firings. Consider using glass from the same batch for a given project.

Reaction Note

The fired surface of French Vanilla 000137 does not react as readily to lead-bearing Dense White 000313, compared to firing the same combination in a single firing (using glass that has not previously been fired). However, this combination does react when re-fired to a full fuse.

The fired and sandblasted surface of French Vanilla will react more readily with Dense White in a secondary full fuse. This provides a design opportunity with the contrast between the sandblasted areas (which do react) and any masked-off areas (which do not).

This contrast is sensitive to further heatwork as reactions will begin to develop as low as 1150°F. Our tests show that continued heatwork in this firing will develop a stronger reaction in the masked off (fired surface) areas. If designing with this characteristic, further testing is recommended.

French Vanilla Opalescent Rod

french vanilla opalescent rod 000137-0576-F-xxxx

Cold Characteristics

Opaque, very white.

Working Notes

Torch: Avoid thermal shock by warming this style gradually.

Kiln: Lighter color and greater opacity than in sheet glass form. Very viscous; will flow later and less than other glasses.


000137 has a lighter color in rod (-0576) and stringer (-0007, -0072) forms than in sheet (-0030).