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How do I make pâte de verre?

pate de verre is a glass paste that's spread thinly inside a mold, then fired in a kiln

Pâte de verre is a kilncasting method that literally means "paste of glass".  The general premise is to mix frit granules with some sort of binder such as gum arabic, then apply the glass to the inner surface of a negative mold.

Pâte de verre is the method used in our video lesson: Day of the Dead Skulls.  Our video shows you a common way to make pate de verre and a fun project to go along with it.

We highly recommend taking a class to learn about pate de verre, and the tools and processes behind this particular casting method. Consider Bullseye's classes and those at local teaching studios to find a course that's convenient for you.

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