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Jade Green Opalescent 000145

  • Sheet Glass

  • Rod

  • Frit

  • Stringer

Jade Green Opalescent Sheet Glass

bullseye jade green opalescent kiln glass 000145-0030-x-xxxx



May React With

Selenium, Sulfur, Reactive (000009, 001009, 001019)

See our Bullseye Reactive Potential charts for more information

Cold Characteristics

Some light/dark variations common on surface.

Working Notes

Light/dark variations generally disappear on firing. Dark interface reaction likely with sulfur glasses (001137, 001437, 000137). Read "Reactive Potential of Bullseye Glasses" for more information.

Fusible / Bullseye-compatible.

Jade Green Opalescent Rod

jade green opalescent rod 000145-0576-F-xxxx

Cold Characteristics


Working Notes

Torch: A stable green that is not prone to reduction in a neutral flame. Can turn rust color in reduction. Slightly darker green than in sheet form.

Kiln: Slightly darker green than in sheet form. Working properties and kilnformed characteristics are consistent with sheet glass. See sheet glass notes for this style.