Boxes and Bowls

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This class will focus on making two types of objects: kiln-glass boxes and kiln-glass bowls. You will make two boxes using assembled molds with investment cores. You will make one bowl using the lost wax casting technique (instead of slumping) and hand-built refractory molds. Basic principles of kilncasting, volume calculation, and coldworking will be covered. Due to unique firing conditions, the project sizes and wall thicknesses will be specified. There are no prerequisites, though mold-making and/or kilncasting experience are helpful.

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Portland / Nathan Sandberg / March 2–3 & 5 (CLO216-0004) / Saturday–Sunday 9am–5pm, Tuesday Noon–8pm / 8 students / $350

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March 2–3 & 5 (CLO216-0004)

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