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Cast and Cut: Faceted Wearables

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In this class you will learn how to make wearable elements such as jewelry, buttons, and fashion accents from thick blanks of glass that you will cast, coldwork, and in some cases fire-polish. You will start by selecting a combination of colors and forms of glass to cast into slab or cylinder. You will then mine and refine wearable pieces from your cast blank by cutting, carving and faceting them with lapidary equipment such as the wet tile saw and flat grinder, ultimately finishing some surfaces by fire-polishing.

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Portland / Bonnie Celeste / January 25–27 (CLO226-0001) / Friday 9am–4pm, Saturday 10am–5pm, Sunday 9am–1pm / 8 students / $275

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January 25–27 (CLO226-0001)

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