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Pâte de Verre, Methods to Form By

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"Pâte de verre" (literally "paste of glass") is a kilncasting method that involves hand-packing layers of glass frit and powder into a mold before firing the piece in a kiln. Although meticulous, the technique makes a tremendous range of colors and textures possible. In this workshop, you'll explore a variety of processes instructor Alicia Lomné uses to create her signature work. These include model making, mold pouring, color mixing, inlay design, texture control, firing cycles, and coldworking. Extensive experience with glass isn't necessary, but it will help to have a fondness for involved processes and a willingness to risk.

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Portland / Alicia Lomné / January 9–13 (CLO211-0005) / Wednesday–Saturday 9am–5pm, Sunday 9am–1pm / 8 students / $800

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