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Artist Lecture: Show Your True Face, with Narcissus Quagliata

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Join us for this rare opportunity to hear Narcissus Quagliata discuss his work.


Sometimes a presentation about art can help us transcend time, space, and culture. Maybe just a little. And maybe only for mere moments. All the same, it can transport us to vicarious heights of knowledge, experience, and wonder—at no cost other than our open attention.

Join visionary glass artist Narcissus Quagliata for such a trip as he draws upon his new book, MUTANT, to explore the last 50 years of his life and work. Criss-cross decades and continents. Flash from creative travails to triumphant breakthroughs. Be calmed with flashes of zen. Be incited by brushes with grandeur. Let Quagliata’s blended presentation of art, poetry, and personal stories plunge you into the fascinating connectedness of dreams, words, images, and waking life.

This event is called “Show your true face!” With Quagliata’s trademark ambitiousness, it aims to convey his half-century quest to see existence and identity as clearly and vividly as possible, vis-à-vis, face to face. For anyone who resonates with that quest, this free event is not to be missed.

Narcissus' book MUTANT is on sale now. He will be signing copies at the conclusion of this event.

Artist Lecture: Portland / November 1, 2019 / Friday 5-6:30pm / FREE

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