Artist Talk: Judy Tuwaletstiwa: Poetry Is Everywhere

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Join Judy Tuwaletstiwa as she presents a glimpse at her lifetime of art and a peek at the new glass works she has been creating while working in the studio at the Santa Fe Resource Center. “My work has always grown from my relationship to landscape, whether it is the landscape of the Hopi Reservation or of New York City. Just as a poem is composed of words we all use, my work is composed of mundane materials we all see. A poet creates rhythm and pattern, simile and metaphor from everyday language, giving birth to images that awaken us to new ways of seeing.”

Santa Fe / Judy Tuwaletstiwa / February 28 (EVS741-0001) / Thursday 5:30pm–6:30pm


Bullseye Resource Center, 805 Early Street, Building E, Santa Fe, New Mexico.


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