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Coloring Our Vision

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Using powders and sheet glass, students will explore a subtle palette of color that can open our hearts to the vision we each carry. Gathering objects from nature and developing concepts from our internal world in response to these objects, you'll create three different glass projects. Each participant will work from within their own unique process to develop skills and discover concepts they can continue to explore long after the workshop. No prerequisites. (For more information on Judy's inspirational teaching methods, see Judy Tuwaletstiwa: Think About It, a blog post by Lani McGregor.)

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Santa Fe / Judy Tuwaletstiwa / May 2-5 (CLS306-0001) / Thursday-Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 10am-2pm / 8 students / $450

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Santa Fe
May 2-5 (CLS306-0001)

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