Design for Drop-Out Molds

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A drop-out mold is an elevated surface featuring a hole through which glass can slump or "drop" when fired in the kiln to form vessels. The part of the glass that slumps through the hole can stretch considerably, informing the design of the finished piece in a significant way. In this class, you will learn how glass slumps in an elevated drop-out firing and how to design in response to this phenomenon. You will make medium and large bowls using commercial drop-out molds and one piece using a custom fiberboard mold of your own design. To refine and finish the work, you will learn how to remove the substantial lip of a slumped vessel and coldwork the edge. Prerequisite: Basic glass cutting skills and kilnforming experience.

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Portland / Bonnie Celeste / February 15–17 (CLO225-0001) / Friday–Saturday 9am–4pm, Sunday 9am–1pm / 8 students / $295

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