Harnessing Flow

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Explore the principles of glass flow, deformation, and displacement and learn to make work that captures a sense of movement within. The process will involve learning kilnforming basics, doing volume calculations, working with dams and refractory materials, and designing firing schedules. Basic coldworking methods will also be covered. As a student, you will make three finished pieces and leave the class with enough information to keep experimenting in this relatively unexplored technique on your own. No prerequisites, but glass cutting experience is recommended.

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Santa Fe / Erik Whittemore / July 5-6 & 8 (CLS205-0005) / Friday–Saturday & Monday 10am–4pm / 8 students / $325

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August 16-17 & 19 (CLO205-0009)

Santa Fe
July 5-6 & 8 (CLS205-0005)

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