Powder Printing

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Explore the printing technique used by Stacy Lynn Smith to create images on glass with rich textures and colors that can't be achieved with traditional printing methods. In powder printing, images are produced by pressing dry glass powder through a prepared silkscreen. Prints can be full-fused for smooth surfaces or tack-fused for textured surfaces that resemble relief printing or sandblasting. Powder images can also be printed directly onto the kiln shelf (without base glass) to produce wafer-thin work that can stand alone or be attached to a substrate, as desired. In this class, learn image preparation, design possibilities and firing options through various hands-on projects, demonstrations and examples. No prerequisites.

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Santa Fe / Stacy Lynn Smith / November 30–December 2 (CLS121-0002) / Friday–Saturday 9am–5pm, Sunday 10am–1pm / 8 students / $365

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