Screen Printing for Kiln-Glass

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This class focuses on using screen printing techniques to fire finely detailed images such as hand-drawn or digital artwork and photographs onto kiln-glass. Hands-on studio sessions will provide practice time in a range of methods, including putting images onto silk screens and ultimately onto glass, using materials such as photosensitive emulsion, screen filler, drawing fluid, hand-cut stencils, enamels and decal transfers. By the end of the class, you will have printed and fired several finished pieces and will have acquired enough skills and information to continue working on your own. No prerequisites.

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Bay Area / Jeremy Scidmore / May 9–12 (CLB122-0003) / Thursday–Saturday 10am–6pm, Sunday Noon–4pm / 9 students / $400

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Santa Fe

Bay Area
May 9–12 (CLB122-0003)



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