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The Mold Sale

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The Mold Sale - March 17 - 21, 2020 at All Bullseye Resource Centers

Slumping Molds - 50% off

Manufactured by Creative Ceramics in Europe, our slumping molds are the finest commercial slumping molds on the market. Slipcast from a specially formulated clay body, these molds have an exceptionally smooth surface, accept kilnwash uniformly, and do not crack under repeated use if handled properly.

Note: These are handmade, so slight variations in size are expected—be sure to measure your mold before cutting glass to fit.

Colour de Verre Casting Molds - 10% off

Curious about creating forms that range from stars and feathers to flower blossoms and maple leaves? These casting molds provide a delightful variety of possibilities. They are produced in Portland, OR, using specially formulated ceramic bodies that are fired in carefully regulated kilns.

Note: Because these are handmade, slight variations in size are to be expected.

The Mold Sale is in-person only at Bullseye Resource Centers.
This sale does not apply to Bullseye's Online Store.



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