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The Spring Sale

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New Fast-Track Pickup: Looking to avoid crowds? We’ll prepare your order in advance and have it ready for a speedy in-store pickup. See details in The Smallish Print below.

The Spring Sale at Bullseye Resource Center Santa Fe!

April 15 - 18, 2020


  • 60% off Curious full sheets
  • 60% off Curious thin half sheets
  • 50% off full sheets
  • 50% off Tekta (24 x 24 & 24 x 48 sheets)
  • 50% off billets
  • 50% off rods
  • 50% off frit (1 lb and 5 lb)
  • 50% off stringer and confetti
  • 50% off ThinFire (rolls and 100 packs)
  • 40% off half sheets
  • 30% off molds and 10 x 10s

Special thank you offer: Get a reusable Bullseye shopping bag free with a purchase of $20 or more.

The Smallish Print: Walk-in only • No online, phone or mail orders • While supplies last • For safety, we recommend wearing long pants and closed-toe shoes.

The Smallish Print: The Spring Sale is only available in-store at Bullseye Resource Center Santa Fe, not online or on orders to ship. To arrange for fast-track front-of-store pickup, please email your order to us. (Although phone orders can work in a pinch, email orders are greatly preferred!) We’ll prepare your order in advance and have it ready for pickup by Tuesday, April 21, or we'll notify you if it's available sooner. As always, wearing closed-toe shoes and long pants is recommended if you plan to shop in-store.



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