Vitrigraph Cane and Murrine

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For hundreds of years, making richly patterned and cased glass canes has largely been the province of the hotshop. Perhaps the most famous people making such canes have been the glassblowers of Murano, set in Italy's Venetian Lagoon. But now similar canes can be made far away from roaring Italian furnaces, using the Vitrigraph kiln and Bullseye compatible glasses. In this workshop, you will design and make multi-colored canes and incorporate them with other forms of glass into several kilnformed projects. Creating the canes will involve handling and manipulating hot, molten glass. Proper safety equipment will be provided. No prerequisites.

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Bay Area / Jeremy Scidmore / August 9-11 (CLB210-0004) / Friday–Saturday 10am–5pm, Sunday 10am–2pm / 8 students / $325

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