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Quick Tip: Fresh Color

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New color palettes bring freshness to artwork. You can discover professionally curated, current color combinations to make your own in magazines and websites about design, interiors, and even fashion. An article about bedroom makeovers inspired these striped tabletops—color to live with!

Quick Tip: Fresh Color tablesStandout color discoveries

  1. Shades of gray bring out brightness in other colors, but still keep the palette sophisticated.
  2. Using Light Peach Cream (000034) as a neutral: combined with other warm whites it softens the palette.
  3. Mink (000119) brings a more contemporary feel to a traditionally neutral palette of brown, cream, and rose.

Tabletop composition: We arranged stripes of 3 widths – 0.5, 1.5 & 3 inches – then capped with Clear and fired design-down to a full fuse. Using the shelf-side as the top not only showcases the color but also makes for a flat surface.

Tip: Placing the same color on both ends unifies the object.

Glass cutting tips

  • See 12 Ways to Improve Your Glass Cutting. Number 7 is especially helpful for cutting multiple half-inch strips: position your score so that there is an equal mass of glass on either side (also known as the "Rule of Halves").
  • If cutting on the smooth side of an opalescent sheet proves challenging, turn it over and score the underside. A very thin layer of transparent glass migrates to this side of the sheet in the forming process and may yield a better result.

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Quick Tip: Fresh Color