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Get a Reaction: Bullseye Reactive Glasses



In the confines of a hot kiln, certain glasses can react with other glasses to create special effects.  These effects will be produced at the interface of where the reactive glasses meet, and can range from subtle to dramatic and prove versatile in art and design.

The key when working with reactive glasses is to have an idea of what to expect: to know that sulfur/selenium-bearing glasses will react with lead or copper-bearing glasses, or that Bullseye’s Reactive Cloud Opal and Reactive Ice Clear glasses will react with copper-bearing glasses.  Frit, stringer, and other reactive accessory glasses will also produce reactions.

Once you understand the basics of which kinds of glasses are expected to produce reactions, reactions are a fun way to experiment, expand your palette and produce a variety of effects that wouldn’t normally be possible.

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Bullseye Reactive Glasses PDF

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