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Quick Tip: Kilncarved Billet


Kilncarved billet

Create a textured block of glass using ceramic fiber paper and the right amount of heat! Almost any shape is possible: letters, numbers and more.

Design with texture: In the kiln, the billet conforms to your fiber paper design. Note that the glass will take on the texture of the fiber paper and the kiln shelf.

Color considerations: Any billet will work, even Curious billets. Lighter saturation styles are a good choice to display with the smooth side facing out.

Kilncarved billet step 1

1. Plan a design based on the billet dimensions, approximately 10" x 5" x 0.75" (127 x 254 x 19 mm).

Kilncarved billet step 2

Kilncarved billet step 3

2. To make this design, we started with an image on paper and cut it out to make a stencil.

3. Trace the design onto 1/8" fiber paper (7036) and cut it out using an X-Acto knife. For a raised design, oversize the fiber paper by 0.5" on each side to keep the billet from flowing over the edge.

Kilncarved billet step 4

Kilncarved billet step 5

4. Arrange the fiber paper on a primed kilnshelf. Clean the billet and load it on the fiber paper. Fire with the schedule below.

Rate Temperature Hold
150°F (83°C) 1000°F (538°C) :30*
600°F (333°C) 1375°F (746°C) :10
AFAP 900°F (482°C) 3:00
45°F (25°C) 800°F (427°C) :00
81°F (45°C) 700°F (371°C) :00
270°F (150°C) 70°F (21°C) :00

*For color development in gold-bearing styles (1823, 1824, 1831), we recommend a 2:00 hold at 1225°F (663°C).

5. Be sure to wear respiratory protection as you peel away the fiber paper. Remove any residue with a scrub pad or nylon brush and water.

Image at the top: A kilncarved billet in a wall-mounted Glass Bracket (8619). Kilncarving results in various thicknesses, so you may need to add Bumpons (8402) for a better fit.



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