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Quick Tip: Multitasking Molds

two examples of secondary uses for popular Bullseye slumping molds

There’s more than meets the eye with some slumping molds. They can certainly be used to form pieces that utilize the entire surface, but consider the options when slumping pieces that only make use of a portion of the mold. In our studios, we’ve found Rectangular Slumper mold (8929) and Round Slumper mold (8629) to be particularly versatile.

Rectangular Slumper mold (8929)

some unique plates made with bullseye slumping molds (in ways other than as intended)

The central lengthwise portion of the Rectangular Slumper produces an elegant form with upturned corners, as seen with this 5" x 17" centerpiece.

Slumping a 9" x 14" blank in the center of the same mold produces a piece with gently elevated edges.

Round Slumper mold (8629)

A 9" diameter circle in the 12" Round Slumper has a gently sloped rim with a flat base, which is right at home as a first course or generous dessert plate. Tip: An 11" diameter round blank in Plain Plate mold (8721) makes for a lovely companion dinner plate.

Check your studio for these and other possibilities. Ready, set, slump!

a nine inch circular dinner plate made with a twelve inch circular slumper


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Quick Tip: Multitasking Molds

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