Quick Tip: Little Wisp Bowls | Kilnforming

Quick Tip: Little Wisp Bowls

Quick Tip: Little Wisp Bowls

Create your own streaky color palette. Layer Clear and White Streaky sheet glass over transparent tint glass styles. Slump in the Cone Bowl mold to upturn the edges and achieve luscious color at the rim. We’re making bowls for days!


  1. Clear, White Streaky (002130-0030)
  2. Pale Yellow Tint (001820-0030)
  3. Coral Orange Tint (001834-0030)
  4. Purple Blue Tint (001948-0030)
  5. Cone Bowl Mold (8943)


  1. Cut 4.5" (approx. 11.5cm) circles. You’ll need 3 circles of Clear, White Streaky sheet glass and one of each tint style to make the set.
  2. Clean & layer. Use a tint style for the base and cap with Clear, White Streaky sheet glass.
  3. Fire to a full fuse. We recommend the schedule from Tip Sheet 7.
  4. Slump into Cone Bowl mold (8943). See Mold Tips: Cone Bowl Molds for additional notes.


  1. Clear, White Streaky sheet glass may become more translucent upon firing.
  2. Remove any needlepointed edges with a diamond pad prior to slumping.
  3. A clean Small Suction Lifter (7196) is handy for minor adjustments of the flat, fused blank in the mold, as well as removing the slumped dish from the mold.

Quick Tip: Little Wisp Bowls

Slump Firing Cone Bowl 8943

Rate Temperature Hold
300°F (167°C) 1200°F (649°C) :30
300°F (167°C) 1225°F (663°C) 1:30*
AFAP** 900°F (482°C) 1:00
100°F (56°C) 700°F (371°C) :00
AFAP 70°F (21°C) :00

* If possible, visually confirm the slump.
**As Fast As Possible. Allow the kiln to cool at its natural rate with the door closed.


Revised October 23, 2018.

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Quick Tip: Little Wisp Bowls