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Contemporary Stained Glass Panels

Ready to Make the World a Brighter Place?

With the full range of Bullseye Glass, your palette of colorful possibilities is practically limitless.
Download our Getting Started: Stained Glass PDF for a list of stained glass supplies available from Bullseye.

Getting Started: Stained Glass



Watch Hanmi Meyer, Bullseye Glass photographer make her first stained glass project.

First Stained Glass Project


Featured Glass

Ring Mottles Streaky Glass Collage Glass
Ring Mottles Streakies Collage
Irids & Textures Transparent Opalescent
Irids & Textures Transparent Opalescent


Featured Products

Copper Foil
Flux Brush
Copper & Black Patina
Foil Pattern Shears
Wooden Fid

Supplies for Every Project

Protective Eyeware
Hand-held Glass Cutters
Bullseye Straightedges
Running Pliers

Revised July 24, 2020.