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Mold Tips: Suggested Slumping Schedules

an example of a bullseye slumping mold next to a slumped glass bowl

Over the years, Bullseye's Research & Education department has gathered a vast amount of experience slumping glass in a wide variety of molds. We've collected this information into a handy new reference guide and, in keeping with our mission of providing artists with the information they need to work successfully with our products, we offer it to you at no charge.

Note that these schedules are intended as a starting point. Developing an appropriate firing cycle involves many variables: Every kiln fires differently, different glass styles vary in viscosity, and so on.

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Mold Tips: Suggested Slumping Schedules (Fahrenheit)
Mold Tips: Suggested Slumping Schedules (Celsius)

Questions about slumping? Try posting them on our Bullseye FaceBook page. It's a great forum for tapping into the advice of Bullseye technicians and many experienced artists and craftspeople working in their own studios.

Also, be sure to read our Tips for Using Bullseye Slumping Molds.

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Revised January 11, 2021.