TechNotes 5: Volume & Bubble Control | Kilnforming

TechNotes 5: Volume & Bubble Control

technote 5: how can you mitigate bubbles and distortions in kilnforming projects?


For many kilnformers and glass artists, nothing is more frustrating than when a fusing project emerges from the kiln distorted or full of large bubbles. These are two of the more common problems that we’ve seen.

For other kilnformers and glass artists, controlling distortions and bubbles may be an integral component of the work.

Whether you wish to avoid them or control them, you will need a fundamental understanding of the factors that cause distortions in kiln-glass. In TechNote 5: Volume and Bubble Control, we will show you a number of tips on how to mitigate trapped air and control volume, which will help you manage distortions and bubbles in a variety of kiln-glass techniques.


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