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Tips for Using Bullseye Slumping Molds



Slumping is a fundamental kilnforming technique used by beginners and experts alike. This process may be used in the creation of a functional piece like a bowl, or in fine art.

Bullseye technicians have written these tips for using Bullseye slumping molds. And while it’s true that every project will have its own unique set of variables to consider, these tips can be applied generally to improve results in slumping.

Note: The measurements stated for molds in the Bullseye Catalog and in our Online Store are of the outer dimensions of the mold. This is to help you determine whether a given mold will fit in your kiln. Molds are handmade, so slight variations in size are to be expected. Individual molds will vary—never cut glass to fit until you have measured your mold.

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