TipSheet 8: Basic Lost Wax Kilncasting | Kilncasting

TipSheet 8: Basic Lost Wax Kilncasting

Tips for lost wax kilncasting at home or in the studio


Lost wax kilncasting is a versatile method for making glass pieces in almost any form imaginable. The process involves creating a refractory mold around a wax model. The wax is then removed—or “lost”—creating a cavity. Glass is cast into the cavity, resulting in a fully sculptural finished piece.

This TipSheet covers the steps involved in making a fully sculptural cast glass object using the lost wax process.

  • Making a two-layer refractory mold of a wax original
  • Steaming out the wax
  • Calculating the amount of glass needed
  • Curing the mold to ensure better performance
  • Preparing the kiln for firing
  • Casting the glass into the mold
  • Divesting the piece from the mold materials
  • Coldworking the finished piece


TipSheet 8: Basic Lost Wax Kilncasting PDF
(Revised July 25, 2014)

Video lesson

Video lesson: Lost Wax Kilncasting
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