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Accent Table Bases Added to Bullseye Product Line

Introducing a stylish and functional way to display your glass: accent table bases. Custom made for Bullseye from steel and available in either black powder-coated or nickel finish. Each base comes with four clear rubber pads to cushion the glass and adjustable leveling feet on the bottom.

Accent Table Base, Recessed Top
Measures 18.5 x 15.5 inches, 17.5 inches tall (47 x 39.5 cm, 44.5 cm tall). Recessed channel is approximately 6 cm deep and a good fit for a half sheet of Bullseye glass.

Accent Table Base, Flat Top
Measures 18 x 15 inches, 17 inches tall (45.75 x 38 cm, 43 cm tall). This base can hold tabletops of various sizes and shapes.

Note: Due to the custom nature of these table bases, dimensions given are approximate. We recommend measuring your table base before designing a glass top to fit the recessed channel.

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