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Bullseye Glass Installs Baghouse

bullseye installs baghouse 1

FOR RELEASE APRIL 12, 2016—In response to air monitoring results reported by DEQ in early February 2016, Bullseye Glass immediately and voluntarily suspended the use of cadmium, and promptly hired an environmental engineering consultant to help us improve our procedures. We have worked as quickly as possible to install a filtration system on a furnace as a first step in updating our equipment. Now that the filtration system (known as a baghouse) is installed, Bullseye is able to use raw materials containing cadmium to make glasses again, in limited quantities in a controlled furnace. This is good news for our neighbors, who wanted Bullseye to install filtration systems; for artists both local and international whose work depends on having red, orange, and yellow compatible glass; and for our 150 employees, whose work also depends on these colors.

This is just the beginning. This initial baghouse will help us assess technologies as we implement emission control systems for additional furnaces.

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