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Bullseye Glass Will Install New Emissions Controls

FOR RELEASE MARCH 10, 2016—In early February, Bullseye Glass Co. was informed that glass companies might be the source of certain heavy metals by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. DEQ has assured Bullseye that we were and remain in compliance with our air discharge permit. Bullseye Glass has taken this news seriously. We promptly suspended the use of cadmium, chromium and arsenic.

While it is not known which industries in the neighborhood are responsible for various emissions, we will reduce our part. We have hired an outside environmental consultant to review our glass-making process, DEQ monitoring results, and to suggest ways in which we might modify our process to reduce concerns. On February 8, we asked Serbaco, Inc. to study our facility and recommend emission control devices. We submitted a notice of construction (NOC) for a baghouse air filter on March 4 to Oregon DEQ. Bullseye has received approval from DEQ and is working to have this installed and online in early April. Additional emissions control projects are being planned.

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