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Bullseye Releases Product Catalog 9

Bullseye Glass has released the 9th edition of its popular product catalog. Bullseye Catalog 9 features the dozens of new glass styles and colors, as well as many additions to Bullseye's tool and supply offerings.

Catalog 9 Highlights

  • 18 new styles of sheet glass, including new solid colors and streakies, and more textured irids.
  • Red Amber Tint, a new billet color (also available as sheet glass)
  • 15 new frit colors, from Indigo Blue Opalescent to Light Orange Transparent.
  • New tools like the G-Manu Cut I, an elegantly simple yet effective cutting system designed by Rudi Gritsch. (Also: Cut II extension for working with larger pieces of glass.)
  • Bullseye Flash Drive with e-TechBook.
  • New display options: powder-coated accent table bases and gallery shelves.
  • Additional new molds, including the new Deep Form series.
  • And much more!

More than just a product catalog, this is an inspirational and technical resource for beginners and experts alike.

To order a new catalogue, go to bullseyeglass.com/catalog.