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Bullseye Releases Product Catalog 11

New product catalog features inspiration and information

catalog 11 coverFOR RELEASE FEBRUARY 15, 2016 – Bullseye Glass Co. has released the 11th edition of its popular product catalog. Bullseye Catalog 11 features new glass styles and colors, as well as many additions to the company's tool and supply offerings.

In addition to product and technical information, the publication includes profiles of inspiring artists, including Emily Nachison, Michael Rogers, and Karlyn Sutherland.

Catalog 11 Highlights

  • Four new Cascade Streakies: Sheet glass formed by combining two colors of molten glass. One color makes up the sides, while a second color flows down the center. This gives each sheet distinct color areas as well as gradient transitions.
  • Petrified Wood: A new magic unicorn streaky. Each sheet is a swirling reactive dreamscape of moss, geologic caramel, and jewel tones. Heatwork heightens the interplay. Expect variation.
  • Red Reactive Clear: The latest addition to the series including Reactive Cloud Opal (000009) and Reactive Ice Clear (001009). This style creates a deep red reaction where it is fired in contact with many copper-bearing glasses.
  • New irids: Medium Amber with gold irid and Light Silver Gray with silver irid.
  • New rods: Celadon, Cream, Indigo, Moss, Warm White.
  • New stringers: Cream, Deep Plum, Moss Green, Pea Pod, Sea Blue, and Slate Gray.
  • Frit made from streaky sheet glass—Caribbean Blue, White; Mint Green, Deep Forest Green; and White, Dark Brown. Available in fine, medium, coarse, extra large, and powder.
  • New slumping molds, including a set of nesting plates and a new swirl bowl.
  • New display options.
  • Additional tools for glass cutting, printing with glass, kilncasting, and more.

The latest Bullseye Glass catalog is ready for you. Order or download a copy at bullseyeglass.com/catalog 

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