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Bullseye Statement on DEQ Test Results in Portland

FEBRUARY 2—For the last 40 years, Bullseye Glass has made it our mission to operate above board and to do the right thing. The Department of Environmental Quality has assured us that we have been and remain in compliance with our air discharge permit. In fact, our site in Portland has passed two DEQ inspections in the last year.

But we’re also your neighbors and fellow Portlanders, and we have been embedded in this community for a long time. We understand the concerns and take public health and the environment seriously. That is why, upon being contacted by DEQ last week, we made a voluntary decision to suspend the use of cadmium and arsenic in our glass-making process.

We have also hired an outside environmental consultant to review our glass-making process, and DEQ monitoring results, and to inform us on ways that we could modify our process to reduce concerns. We plan to keep our neighbors, employees and customers regularly updated on this process through a central page that will be added to our website this week.

We have also added a direct email account for the public to ask us questions, share concerns or provide us with suggestions as we seek to better understand the DEQ monitoring results. That email address is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Dan Schwoerer and Lani McGregor, co-owners of Bullseye Glass